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      Automotive Rearview system Rearview Car Camera Waterproof Backup Camera

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      Safety Just For You

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      ?High-resolution , Resolution pixels ≥ 400 TV lines
      ?When the reverse gear on, real-time display images through the display screen or the original DVD
      ?Perfect combination of distance and image allows you to park safely


      1.Viewing Angle: 160 degrees.



      2.With colorful coordinate



      3.High-resolution & water-proof(IP66), shock-proof and anti-jamming



      4.Three installation methods optional



      1) Wide view angle camera, with coordinate


      2)3.5”/ 4.3″ digital TFT LCD monitor


      3) Display reversing distance and image on the screen together.


      4) 2 in 1 visible reversing system

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