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      Common Questions about Tire Pressure Monitoring

      Tire pressure monitoring?is the real-time automatic monitoring of tire air pressure during the driving process of the car, and alarms for tire air leakage and low air pressure to ensure driving safety.?Tire pressure monitoring system?is necessary to install. As the only part of a car that comes into contact with the ground, its safety is crucial. The installed?tire pressure?sensor?can always monitor the change of the tire pressure of the car. It has a great impact on tire life and fuel consumption. Failure to meet tire pressure also seriously threatens the lives of drivers and passengers.



      The tire pressure monitoring is externally waterproof, depending on whether it is built-in or external. There is no problem with the built-in, because the built-in sealing is good, there will be no water ingress; and the external depends on the sealing of the tire pressure test, generally there is a certain sealing, it will not be so easy Into the water!

      The external tire pressure monitoring is to add a?tire pressure sensor?outside the valve. Although the installation is simple, the?TPMS?sensor?is easily damaged and stolen. If you are a long-distance owner, it is recommended to choose a built-in tire pressure monitoring device. However, for our ordinary car owners, the simple installation of external tire pressure monitoring can meet the daily prevention of tires. Because external tire pressure monitoring is very simple in terms of installation and control, many car owners will choose to purchase on the e-commerce platform.

      At present, there are two main types of mainstream?tire pressure sensors?on the market: one is installed on the valve core of a car tire, and the other is directly installed on the wheel hub in the tire. Relatively speaking, the built-in tire pressure monitor has better effect and performance.

      Parking sensor +TPMS

      Post time: Oct-14-2021

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