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      Vehicle collision warning system

      The car collision avoidance warning system is mainly used to assist drivers to avoid high-speed and low-speed rear-end collisions, unconsciously deviate from the lane at high speeds, and collide with pedestrians and other major traffic accidents. Helping the driver like a third eye, it continuously detects the road conditions in front of the vehicle. The system can identify and judge various potential dangerous situations, and use different sound and visual reminders to help the driver avoid or slow down the collision.

      The car collision avoidance warning system is a car collision avoidance warning system based on intelligent video analysis and processing. It realizes its warning function through dynamic video camera technology and computer image processing technology. The main functions are: distance monitoring and rear-end warning, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, navigation function, black box function. Compared with the existing automobile anti-collision warning systems at home and abroad, such as ultrasonic anti-collision warning system, radar anti-collision warning system, laser anti-collision warning system, infrared anti-collision warning system, etc. The price has unparalleled advantages. All-weather, long-term stable operation, greatly improving the comfort and safety of car driving.

      Functional Overview
      1) Distance monitoring and warning: The system continuously monitors the distance to the vehicle ahead, and provides three levels of distance monitoring and warning according to the proximity to the vehicle ahead;

      2) Vehicle cross-line warning: when the turn signal is not turned on, the system generates a cross-line warning about 0.5 seconds before the vehicle crosses various lane lines;

      3) Forward Collision Warning: The system warns the driver of an imminent collision with the vehicle ahead. When the possible collision time between the vehicle and the vehicle ahead is within 2.7 seconds at the current driving speed, the system will generate sound and light warnings;

      4) Other functions: black box function, intelligent navigation, leisure and entertainment, radar warning system (optional), tire pressure monitoring (optional), digital TV (optional), rear view (optional).

      Technical advantages
      Two 32-bit ARM9 processors manage a 4-layer computing engine, which runs faster and has stronger computing power. The world’s leading video analysis and processing technology is the core of its technology. The CAN bus transmission technology enables it to better communicate with The car signal combined with all-weather alarms in sunny, rainy, bridges, culverts, tunnels, daytime, night, etc. adopts a single visual perception system to make the cost lower

      Development History
      The current automotive forward collision warning millimeter-wave radar mainly has two frequency bands: 24GHz and 77GHz. The Wayking 24GHz radar system mainly realizes short-range detection (SRR), which has been widely used in plant protection drones as a fixed-height radar, while the 77GHz system mainly realizes long-distance detection (LRR), or a combination of the two systems to achieve long-distance and short-range detection. detection.

      Automotive Front Collision Warning Millimeter-Wave Radar Microwave Collision Avoidance System: Representative manufacturers in the current market include: NXP (NXP) in the Netherlands, Continental (Continental) Bosch (Ph.D.) in Germany, and Wayking (Weicheng).

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      Post time: Feb-11-2022

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